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Nobody knows your business like you do – good to know that your partners, BASF’s Personal Care speaks your language. We make it our business to know your business, which is why we have dedicated efforts into ensuring that your personal care formulations address your consumers’ innermost needs. Our Personal Care chemists develop scientifically proven solutions for healthy feeling, protected, as well as beautiful skin and hair. Driven by trends across continents, from breakthroughs in health and nutrition, this has inspired the innovative formulation for our diverse skin and hair.
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Innovative Sun Protection Tools

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Sunscreen Simulator
Sunscreen Simulator serves as a recognized tool in the industry for estimating sun protection factor (SPF). In addition to the known performance parameters (SPF, UVA protection, photostability), you can now also perform calculations of protection against blue light irradiation and free radicals’ generation.

The Eco Sun Pass
Our EcoSun Pass is a new methodology especially developed for sun protection products – evaluating the environmental compatibility of UV filter systems in sunscreens. The methodology supports the transparent assessment of UV filters based on internationally recognized criteria and comprises eight different parameters, from biodegradation and aquatic toxicity to endocrine disruption potential.

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Our solutions

Our extensive research and testing ensure that our products are scientifically proven to deliver results, quality and outstanding solutions for:

Industry experts in UV protection

With highly effective and reliable UV filters, a special oil and emulsifier selection for formulations with great sensory appeal, as well as products for all skin types and each exposure level, our sun care segment develops trendsetting solutions for the growing skin protection market. We draw on proven expertise to address consumers’ innermost needs, such as trusted protection and effective long-term damage prevention.

Our claims

There’s no limit to the gorgeous creations you can make with our products. If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at our ready-made formulations for a glimpse at the possibilities.

Pollution Defence Daily Moisturiser provides a surge of hydration through the light, velvety texture, and provides daily protection against the harmful effects of pollution. The addition of Eumulgin Prisma and Cetiol Sensoft creates optimal sensory with an elegant after feel.

City Slicker Detox Serum is a moisturising serum that works to undo the harsh effects of pollution and other external stressors, leaving skin feeling radiant and smooth. It features Rheocare XGN, which acts as a stabiliser, in addition to the star ingredient, Mimiskin.

A fun way for kids and adults alike to get engaged with handwashing as they prepare to leave home, and upon their return from the outside world. This jiggly-jelly texture with an energising fragrance offers maximum playful fun. The formula contains Benzalkonium Chloride at 0.13%, and HYDAGEN® Aquaporin to help maintain skin hydration.


Personal care • SUSTAINABILITY

‘Clean’ cleansing is socially responsible – and in high demand

In recent years, the concept of wellness has spilled over from nutrition and fitness into the worlds of personal care, fashion, beauty and even technology. We want to know our purchases are safe and socially conscious, with no detriment to our health or the environment. That’s why we look for ‘clean’ products – products made from naturally-sourced ingredients or ethical processes.

Clean skin and hair should always come guilt-free. Listed below are five personal care formulations that cleanse your face, body and hair with the clean beauty philosophy in mind.

  1. Your next beauty obsession: A dry shampoo mist
  2. Raise the bar (shampoo) for praiseworthy hair
  3. Keep tabs on an easy-peasy, pea-sized hair cleanser
  4. A planet-friendly scrub that’s out of this world
  5. Face the music and the micellar cleansing water

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