Mobility solutions

Comprehensive formulations ensure optimum performance, reliability, compatibility and protection

To meet customers’ needs, the automotive industry needs continuous innovations. At BASF, we collaborate with our customers all over Africa to supply and develop solutions that enable vehicles to operate more efficiently.

Our aspiration

BASF is the world’s leading chemical supplier to the automotive industry. Driving forward is our passion; this is what we aspire to deliver – every day and in everything we do. Our people and products enhance our customers’ performance in a broad range of applications. With our lubricant solutions for coolants and brake fluids, we seize and create opportunities.

Our aim

We want you to get ahead with chemistry-driven solutions for future mobility. Together, we can shape mobility to be more sustainable, safer and more comfortable.

Applications: Discover our expertise

Together with our customers, we are driving research and innovation forward to develop world-class automotive solutions.

Market segments

With innovative solutions and industry-leading technical expertise, our product range can improve engine performance while reducing fuel consumption and offering an excellent driving experience. Our GLYSANTIN® and HYDRAULAN® brands represent our flagship products with premium quality for premium safety.

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Our Segments and Brands


Made in Germany since 1929

GLYSANTIN® is much more than just an antifreeze. Our premium engine coolant provides threefold protection from corrosion, overheating and frost. GLYSANTIN® ensures that your cooling system works perfectly all year round. Products are available for all types of vehicles and engines. Learn more about our exciting and diverse GLYSANTIN® portfolio.

Triple-action protection for your cooling systems

  • Corrosion
  • Overheating
  • Frost

HYDRAULAN® brake fluids

Brake fluids with premium quality and safety features

The brake system is one of the most important safety features of a vehicle, and needs to meet the very high standards required by automotive manufacturers, the entire automotive industry and automotive safety legislation. As a result, brake fluids must meet stringent specifications, and are often also officially approved by the automobile manufacturers.


With leading industry knowledge, BASF has been setting the market standard for brake fluids for more than 60 years. BASF was the first company to develop a low viscosity DOT 4 brake fluid, specifically for modern braking systems with electronic control systems, such as ESP®/DSC, ABS and ASC.

BASF’s HYDRAULAN® brake fluids have been tested and proved in countless tests with OEM suppliers and automotive manufacturers to ensure optimum performance, reliability and compatibility with all of the components of the braking system. Discover our HYDRAULAN® product portfolio.


Mobility Solutions • Innovation

Coolants for innovative technologies

With the addition of electric vehicles, high-performance coolant chemistry will require specific adaptions. Being a committed development partner to the industry, at BASF, we specifically address and help to enable developments through our coolants for innovative technologies.
Triple-action protection for your cooling systems
  • Long term protection to automotive engines against corrosion, overheating and frost.
  • Minimized loss of energy
  • Support low to zero emission engine technologies
Mobility solutions • Innovation

Our ‘innovation engine’ for next-generation fuel and lubricant solutions

Our fuel and lubricant solution, ‘innovation engine’, is continuously fuelled by our forward-thinking mindset, combined with our extensive research and development capacities, expert network and close collaboration with our industry partners. Below you can find some selected examples from our well-filled innovation pipeline.

HYDRAULAN® premium brake fluids and OEM approvals​

To ensure the trouble-free functioning of the braking system when a vehicle is in constant use, the automotive industry sets very high standards for the hydraulic fluids. BASF has been a competent and reliable partner of the automotive industry, and develops products designed to meet the highest quality standards.

HYDRAULAN® brake fluids exceeding the DOT 4 standard are officially approved by the automobile manufacturers listed in the overview table.


Does nature have to end where the road starts?

Drive forward automotive sustainability.
  • Reducing CO2 emissions, meeting recycling targets and improving air quality are industry challenges we all are facing. Limited availability of fossil fuels and climate change call for more efficient cars and lower emissions.
  • BASF a strong partner for sustainable solutions:
  • Driven innovations in chemistry to improve the quality of life
  • Eco-efficient products and practices that result in long-term profitable performance
  • Lightweight plastic materials that improve the ecological impact
  • Fuel additives that reduce emissions
  • Responsible sourcing
  • Safe production for people and environment
  • Protecting the environment with our innovative automotive products and solutions

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