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BASF’s Home Care and I & I chemicals division is a leading global supplier for detergents, and cleaners. Together with our customers, we create innovative solutions to meet the current and future needs of society more sustainably in the home care and industrial and institutional cleaning industries as well as in agrochemical and technical applications. We contribute to the long-term success of our customers’ brands with a broad range of products and concepts via our global network of production and development sites. The portfolio includes surfactants, polymers, chelating agents, biocides, optical effect products, stabilizers, as well as methane sulfonic acid, and is constantly developed further.

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The Digital Touchpoint for Home Care and I&I offers an overview of all digital ways to connect and engage with BASF. Here we summarize the digital channels for companies and individuals to stay informed about our solutions. These tools also act as a customer engagement hub and technology showcase for the latest tools we’ve been developing to improve both communication and interaction between BASF and its customers.

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Get an overview of our product portfolio with the most relevant information you may want to keep one eye on: chemical properties, ecolabels, sustainability aspects and claims. Ease to navigate, with “search and add to favorite” functionality that allows you to create your own views. The app is also integrated to Rediso™, a digital platform where you can ask question if you didn’t find what you were looking for in the app.

We create chemistry that enables sustainable cleaning because
we believe there is no second chance for a first impression.

Our solutions

Gentle on skin, Kind to the environment, Powerful against stains

Looking for a brilliant laundry solution? Our one-fits-all solution is sure to brighten up the day for your customers! By combining our new cellulase LAVERGY® C Bright 100 L with BASF’s best home care and I&I ingredients, we’ve made greying garments a thing of the past. Whether white or coloured clothes, cotton or synthetic fabrics – after multiple washes, textiles will still look like new. And the environment benefits too; LAVERGY® C Bright 100 L meets the criteria for a variety of ecolabels including European Flower and Blue Angel.

The BASF one-fits-all solution makes laundry a pleasure!

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Home Care and Industrial and Institutional Cleaning • SUSTAINABILITY

Taking sustainability to the next level

Eco-aware consumers choose eco-sustainable products for washing and cleaning – and expect them to do the job perfectly. With BASF solutions, customers are satisfied on both counts.

The BASF biomass balance approach enables us to use renewable materials along the entire value chain. Biomass balanced products are identical in terms of formulation and quality, but save on fossil resources and harmful emissions. Thus, 100% of the resources needed for production can be of renewable sources. EU Ecolabel-compliant and certified by the European REDcert2 for the chemical industry, Trilon® M Max EcoBalanced removes scale and soiling perfectly.

The combination of conventional and bio-based ingredients makes Trilon® M Max BioBased the perfect choice when it comes to delivering effective, sustainable dishwashing performance. Measurable biomass from sugar-based Alanine paves the way for a naturally cleaner world.

With the new Trilon® M Max EcoBalanced and Trilon® M Max BioBased, the latest bio-balanced generations of the Trilon® M chelating agent – established on the market as the high-performance phosphate and phosphonate alternative for dishwashing detergents – our customers can combine sparkling dishwashing performance with eco-sustainable principles.

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