Dispersions and Resins

BASF’s dispersions and resins have a strong global presence, with comprehensive portfolios in architectural coatings, furniture, flooring, construction, performance and formulation additives, printing and packaging. With tailor-made formulation, technical support and innovation for functional performance, BASF dispersions and resins have the expertise to satisfy high regulatory industry standards.


Enhance innovation capabilities and proximity to customers

As a customer-centric company, BASF relays agile strategies for an efficient organisation, using new technologies and digitalisation. Dispersions and resins (ED) formed a new, combined R&D organisation (RAD/ED) with aligned priorities and a strong customer focus. The action areas are devised to develop solutions for a broad spectrum of applications, joint targets and digitisation, as well as the easy adaptation/embrace of new technologies.


Leverage sustainable solutions as customer differentiators

Dispersions and Resins differentiates itself by leveraging the mechanisms of our Verbund concept to make processes smarter by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of products and solutions, while at the same time closing loops by turning waste into resources. In the 1990s, BASF kicked off key industry trends, such as APEO-free products, and our teams have been working to replace solvent-based systems with water-based alternatives for a long time. Transparency on sustainable developments is key for building solid relationships with our clients, and BASF offers very detailed information about our products and about how we, in many cases, are able to deliver a lower product carbon footprint than most.

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BASF's Lab Assistant for Architectural Coatings and the Construction Industry.

The Lab Assistant is a web-based application that makes it easier for you to quickly find BASF products and formulation ideas and use them to create your solutions for architectural coatings and construction. It runs on your desktop PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Through this platform, you will get access to benefits for your lab work which include:

  • Finding the right ingredients for your application
  • Obtain product recommendations and guiding formulations
  • Receive all relevant data and documents such as Technical Data Sheets, Safety Data sheets and ISPs.
  • Get access to our newest products and solutions

Lab Assistant makes it easy, by taking care of the extra tasks for you, so you can focus on what you do best- formulating the outstanding products your customers want.

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