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BASF is a global supplier of innovative feed additives for livestock, aquaculture, and companion animals. With decades of experience in animal nutrition, BASF offers customers support from the development to the production and application of quality products to suit their needs. Feeding more animals for the growing global meat, milk and egg demand while saving the planets resources and environment is the key challenge: for the feed industry, for farmers, and for us. We are here to take on this challenge with enthusiasm to provide to our valued customers excellent products for a sustainable future.



Opteinics™ is a digital solution that offers dynamic environmental footprinting of feed and animal protein. It helps you Identify opportunities for improvement, without compromising on cost and nutrition. With its direct data link to feed formulation software, time and resources invested are kept to a minimum.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Innovate and differentiate your portfolio
  • Get credible data for your sustainability reporting
  • Share insights with your value chain stakeholders

Opteinics is neutral, reliable and makes animal production even more sustainable. Thus, we are looking for partners in the feed and animal protein value chain that want to pave the way into a sustainable future.

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Feeding the World: BASF Animal Nutrition

What we stand for


BASF is a global supplier of innovative feed additives for livestock, aquaculture, and companion animals.

Through continuous improvement, research and standard affiliations within different nutrition institutes, BASF offers solutions to complex challenges for feed conversion and animal performance, feed preservation and feed hygiene, pigmentation as well as vitality and well-being.
Animal Nutrition • Innovation

Unique production of vitamin B2

Over the last 25 years, BASF has continuously refined a unique technology that produces vitamin B2 in a way that ensures a pure and safe product: Lutavit® B2 SG 80. Find out why BASF’s fermentation process is different and unique compared to other vitamin B2 producers in the world.
Animal Nutrition • Innovation

Setting a benchmark with new generation phytase

The phytase pioneer, BASF, is again setting a benchmark in animal nutrition with its new generation phytase. Natuphos® E provides exactly what users in the feed industry want; it demonstrates unprecedented overall stability in challenging environments – be it in the animal gut, in premixes, in base mixes, in feed or during pelleting processes. Natuphos® E unlocks vital nutrients with an unprecedented overall stability, resulting in convincing economic and environmental benefits.


We want to contribute to a sustainable future with enhancing quality of life, good health and well-being. BASF does so by giving priority to sustainable solutions, technologies and production processes, and by driving partnerships and creating chemistry for our customers and society.

While there is an increase in demand for meat and animal protein, there is also a need for sustainable solutions. BASF gives priority to sustainable solutions, technologies and production processes that leave a low impact on the environment yet does not compromise on quality. Animal nutrition products take into consideration some of the core sustainability factors, such as increasing resource efficiency, minimising emission and biodiversity impact, promoting the vital growth of animals, and ensuring long-term business success.



Increase resource efficiency

Minimise emission and
biodiversity impact


Ensure consumer and employee
health, safety and wellbeing
Promote vital growth of animals


Ensure long-term
business success
Support ethical business
Animal Nutrition • SUSTAINABILITY

Making livestock production more sustainable

Sustainability is a topic of growing importance for the entire animal production value chain – from feed to fork. Many of our animal nutrition products make a substantial contribution to the sustainability needs in the value chain. Feed additives can be considered for not only their ability to increase the nutritive value of a diet, but also for potentially having beneficial impacts beyond.



BASF has decades of experience in the feed sector – in the development, production and application.

We place importance on delivering the highest quality for the benefit of humans and animals alike. That’s why our customers can rely on our products to meet the highest standards and fulfill their needs. For us, this also includes holding the necessary certificates and fulfilling industry specifications. With our high-quality, efficient products, we help you to keep your business profitable and preserve resources at the same time.

We know that our customers expect products from us that keep animals vital and help them to thrive.

Products that help them to meet the challenges posed by tighter resources and intense competitive pressure, while at the same time ensuring the high-quality milk, eggs, meat, and fish that consumers value so much.
What BASF Animal Nutrition stands for?
  • We listen to our customers by providing access to our global resources and the ability to offer localised solutions.


BASF invests in next-generation farming for livestock producers with Cloudfarms’ digital platform solution.

BASF acquired Cloudfarms, a software company for livestock farm management, traceability and precision farming with focus on pig production. Cloudfarms’ livestock farm management solution enables producers around the world to continuously improve the efficiency and productivity of complex farming operations. With the livestock farm management system from Cloudfarms, producers can manage, track and analyse their production data from daily operations in real time. Deriving insights with digital solutions by connecting and analysing data across the value chain helps to increase efficiency, animal vitality and sustainability.

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